CCPA Statement

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides California residents certain rights, among them the ability to prevent companies from “selling” their personal information.

Selling Data and What It Means

A common understanding of “selling” information is that it involves a company taking information it has learned about you and exchanging that information with an unrelated third party for money, who will then use that data for a new purpose that you did not intend. CompleteCPR LLC never does this with your information.

We use our user’s information in order to help people get the courses they require. However, the CCPA has a much broader definition of “sell” which encompasses activities beyond the traditional common understanding of “selling” for money such as disclosing, disseminating, making available, transferring or otherwise communicating by electronic or other means, a consumer’s personal information for other valuable consideration. CompleteCPR LLC strives to live up to the law, and your wishes, as it relates to this right.

This list is not meant to be exclusive but shows examples of what our services include.  We say “may” fall under the definition of “selling” data because the CCPA has been drafted very broadly and may encompass certain activities mentioned below.

What CompleteCPR LLC does that “may” fall under this definition 

What CompleteCPR LLC does not do 

  • We don’t sell data to data brokers
  • We do not participate in data mining or data warehousing
  • We don’t exchange information about you with a third party for money outside of our stated business model of selling courses to businesses and individuals to utilize for their own resuscitation training.

Reasons CompleteCPR LLC “sells” or “transfers” your data in the context of providing you our services

Our mission is to help you with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Resuscitation Science, continuing education, and licensure/certification.

  • Healthcare professionals need to “refresh” their skills periodically to stay on top of the latest guidelines for Resuscitation
  • Anyone in the general public can learn CPR. It may save a life. Potentially the life of someone they know and love
  • Most Healthcare professionals are required to have BLS, ACLS, or PALS certification(s) from the American Heart Association specifically. Sometimes any combination of the three
  • Continuing Education: CE, CME, CEU are required by most medically licensed and certified providers
  • Some employers require it to meet OSHA requirements

Opting out of data “selling”

How to opt out

Note: some communication emails are ‘transaction emails’ that won’t be affected by user preferences).

By utilizing this tool, you are exercising your rights as a California resident (or any other) to take advantage of your rights under the CCPA. Once your data is deleted, CompleteCPR LLC will be unable to recover it.

What is the difference between changing privacy settings and personal data deletion?

We share site usage data with third parties to more effectively optimize our services and to show our users content that is more relevant to them. This sharing may also enable third parties to optimize other services to you. In order to opt out of this type of sharing with third parties, you need to change your privacy settings in your browser.

Can I still use the CompleteCPR LLC website after deleting my account?

If you delete your account, you will still be able to view the content and services we offer on our site that do not require us to collect and transfer personal data information as any person would when casually browsing a website. Non personally identifiable data would not come into play as you would merely view the website without providing any data other than that which would allow the website to render on your screen (for example cookies and IP addresses).

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