Health & Safety Policy

It’s unsurprising that courses specific to healthcare related professionals will be mostly comprised of … wait for it … healthcare providers. That portion of our learners will find this policy usual and commonplace. We are also aware that those with little to no healthcare training or experience may find the following policy intimidating. We at CompleteCPR LLC want you to feel at ease with these policies because we want you to learn and be confident with the knowledge and skills we teach.

We know that most won’t carry PPE (personal protective equipment) around in their day to day lives. For that reason it’s paramount to explain that in a public training environment we must each protect ourselves from the potential spread of pathogens. Besides … no one wants to learn in a dirty classroom with unkept equipment.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) by laypersons appears very different than as performed in a clinical setting by Nurses and Doctors or in a pre-hospital setting by EMS. If the moment comes and you have to use your skills at home or your place of work you may not be concerned with vaccination status, screenings, or classroom protocols. We would, however, strongly encourage you to keep at a minimum a pair of disposable gloves handy no matter where you are.

Personal Protective Equipment

CompleteCPR LLC will make available to all who attend our in-person classes: disposable masks, nitrile type gloves, and hand sanitizer. If you have any allergies to Latex or Nitrile please inform the Instructor before attending class.

Disposable barrier devices designed for ventilating by mouth will be provided when appropriate. These disposable barrier devices will suffice for the duration of the class and are not to be shared between individuals or retained for long term, permanent use.

As with all PPE and barrier devices, you are permitted, and encouraged, to bring your own if you do not wish to utilize the ones we provide as long as they are clean, safe, and appropriate.


Before learner arrival to the classroom it will be cleaned and disinfected with the appropriate cleaners and disinfectant products commonly found and used by the public. CompleteCPR LLC does not imply that a medically sterile environment exists, or will exist, in any facility we utilize. This includes negative or positive pressure ventilation in rooms where we conduct our classes.

All hard surfaces and chairs will be wiped down and sanitized wherever possible prior to participant arrival.

Training Equipment

All training equipment will be cleaned and sanitized with proper disposable bladders (where applicable) prior to learner use. Equipment will also be disassembled, wiped down with appropriate cleaners and disinfected according to the manufacturers instructions at the conclusion of each class before being returned to its storage container.

Prior To Class Arrival

Before learners attend class they must be fever free. This means a temperature less than 100° F. If you have a temperature of 100° or greater please contact your instructor to reschedule and do not come to class. We will reschedule you at a later date when you have been free from fever, or elevated temperature, for twenty-four (24) hours or more.

Upon Class Arrival

Please arrive at least ten minutes before class is scheduled to begin so you can fill out the course roster and other paperwork required by our affiliated Training Center and/or the American Heart Association.

CompleteCPR LLC respects and recognizes that many do not see vaccinations in the same way that others do. Therefore CompleteCPR LLC, as a company, does not require vaccination for any coronavirus variant to participate in any of our in-person classes. It is possible that local, state, or national authorities may issue mandates, or orders, for businesses to conduct classes for the public. We are obliged to follow those governmental orders and mandates wherever and whenever implemented.

We reserve the right to ask class participants to answer a few screening questions and permit a temperature measurement prior to entering the classroom whenever classes are held in particularly high occurrence locations. This applies to our own staff as well.

If the screening does not permit participation we will offer to reschedule at a later date when you have been free from fever, or elevated temperature, for 24 hours or more and can meet the screening requirements.

If this measure is in effect, refusal to answer the screening questions or permit the temperature measurement, entry into the classroom will be denied and will be considered a class absence and handled according to our policy on missed classes.

Precautions for the Prevention of Pathogens

Prior to handling any paperwork, writing instruments, or training equipment we will ask learners to wash and sanitize their hands prior to applying gloves to assist in the prevention and spread of non-airborne pathogens.

When appropriate, or mandated, learners will be asked to don a disposable mask to assist in the spread of airborne pathogens.

Our instructors are Covid-19 vaccinated and wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) during classes when appropriate and/or mandated. Being licensed healthcare providers our instructors are educated in Universal Precautions (UP) and Standard Precautions (SP) as outlined by the CDC and first mandated by OSHA. As healthcare practitioners we fully understand and utilize Body Substance Isolation (BSI) practices.

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