Claim, View, Verify eCards

Learn how to claim or view your ecard from the American Heart Association. Employers can also use this information to Verify an issued ecard too.

Claim your eCard via Email:

Claim your eCard via the eCards Site:

Note: your Training Center, Training Site, or Instructor must have issued an eCard (not a printed course completion card) in order to claim a card online.

Claim your eCard via SMS text:

Note: In order for students to opt-in to this service, an Instructor, Training Site, or Training Center must FIRST enter the student’s mobile phone number in the eCards system when issuing an eCard.

  1. During or after class, (if your Instructor, Training Site, or Training Center has entered your mobile phone number into the eCard system) opt-in to claim/view your eCard by texting “eCard” to the number 51736.
  2. If the message is sent correctly per the guidance of your Instructor, you will receive instructions via text message on how to claim your eCard.
  3. If a you attempt to opt-in and your number is not in the system, you will receive a message that your phone number was not found.

How to View your Claimed eCard:

How an Employer Can Verify a Student’s Claimed eCard:

Note: The student must have claimed their eCard in order for an employer to view it.